Meet Kevin

Kevin is a committed public servant with years of experience in advocacy, community outreach, and non-profit work. 

Since the start of Kevin’s professional career, he has dedicated himself to advocating for senior citizens, individuals with disabilities, and working families in the South Shore of Massachusetts. Growing up in a working-class household faced with the challenges of addiction and financial hardship, Kevin intimately understands the issues facing families of Abington, East Bridgewater, and Whitman. 

Kevin’s dedication to public service began at 17 years old in his last year at Whitman-Hanson Regional High School, he began volunteering at Cerebral Palsy of Massachusetts’ night class program. From there, he began supporting a local family as a caregiver for an adult woman with Down syndrome and her mother who recently had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Kevin remained as a caregiver for the family until both the mother and daughter passed away and he describes this experience as the solidifying moment in his decision to pursue a lifelong career in public service. 

After graduating from Whitman-Hanson Regional High School, Kevin attended Massasoit Community College before transferring to UMass Boston, where he graduated from the College of Public and Community Service. Currently, Kevin is concluding a Master of Public Administration at Roger Williams University. Throughout his undergraduate years, Kevin worked full-time in the nonprofit sector providing case management, employment support, and vocational education, to young adults with developmental disabilities. In his last year of college, Kevin developed an interdisciplinary transition services model that worked to bridge the gap between public schools and community-based programs, supporting young adults with disabilities.  

After college, Kevin began working at Old Colony Elder Services, one of the state’s (ASAPs) aging service access points, as a long-term care counselor. He was appointed to serve on the agency’s ethics committee and also elected to represent the bargaining unit as a steward with SEIU Local 509. Kevin’s role focused primarily on ensuring that seniors and individuals with disabilities had all of the resources needed to avoid long-term care placement and remain living in the community with the least-restrictive environment possible. As many of Kevin’s clients had co-occurring service needs, from substance abuse to foreclosure prevention, he had the opportunity to work with nearly every stakeholder in our state’s coordinated systems of care. 

Whether it be from Kevin’s personal or professional experience addressing the challenges working families face, he intimately understands the issues of all families in Abington, East Bridgewater, and Whitman. 

Kevin will be a voice for constituents who have been left out of the conversation on Beacon Hill and he believes that eliminating “politics as usual” is a critical step in achieving our shared goal of increasing opportunity and equity for all families in Abington, East Bridgewater, and Whitman.